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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions2022-10-17T19:22:24+03:00

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Your donation will be made to BIO Engineering Nikrob, a registered Lithuanian company. Your contributions can make a great impact on cleaning our planet!

Why should I invest in your project?2022-09-22T17:14:42+03:00

We believe that it is the duty of each of us to help solving the problem of the planet’s ecology!

Can I transfer an amount directly to your bank account?2022-09-22T17:14:42+03:00

If you would like to donate in EUROS:

EURO IBAN: LT 187180300035467220
Account name: UAB “Nikrob”
Account holder address: Kalvariju g.125, LT-08221 Vilnius

Bank Name: AB Šiaulių bankas
Bank Address: Tilžės g. 149, LT-76348 Šiauliai

If you would like to wire a donation in US DOLLARS:

LT56 7180 3002 5373 3511
Bank Name: AB Šiaulių bankas
Bank Address: Tilžės g. 149, LT-76348 Šiauliai

Can I donate in another currency, besides EUR and USD?2022-09-22T17:14:42+03:00

We accept donations in Euro or US Dollar amounts because we can receive these without paying conversion fees. If your account has another currency, you are still able to donate via our website. If you have an amount in mind that you would like to donate, calculate how much that equals in either euros or US dollars. Enter the amount on our Support page and choose your preferred payment method. Your bank/PayPal account will be debited the amount equivalent in your own currency.

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Frequently asked questions

Here is all the general information about our project, modules and technical information.

What is a modular installation?2022-09-22T17:14:42+03:00

The module is a fully autonomous system for processing waste into bioethanol. An ethanol-powered generator feeds the entire production line, including automation elements, a steam generator that provides heat for the operation of the ethanol-producing columns and an ethylene glycol-based refrigeration system for cooling and condensing bioethanol.

How long will it take to produce such modular system?2022-09-22T17:14:42+03:00

It will take 8-12 months to produce a modular system!

What is the final stage of the project?2022-09-22T17:14:42+03:00
We plan to achieve installations in 50 major urban centers, customized to their waste characteristics.
How it works?2022-09-22T17:14:42+03:00

The technological process is unique and has never been used before. The modular unit can operate at landfills, waste sorting plants and local organic matter processing facilities, which can dramatically reduce the cost of transportation of the organic fraction to the landfill. In hard-to-reach areas where there is organic waste and its disposal and transportation poses a problem, the module, apart from being a waste recycling station, can be a source of heat and electricity as well.

What are its dimensions?2022-09-22T17:14:42+03:00

Length: 6058 mm
Width: 2438 mm
Height: 2896 mm

How much does it weigh?2022-09-22T17:14:42+03:00

Total module weight 10 tons

Where can use of bioethanol besides fuel?2022-10-07T12:51:08+03:00

Besides fuelling cars, bioethanol is often used for house heating. Unlike using traditional gases and fuels, using bioethanol is safe both indoors and outdoors and has no restrictions, which makes portable bioethanol fireplaces that can be moved from indoors to outdoors a popular choice among the house owners who want to heat their houses in an environmentally friendly and flexible way, whether it is an indoor or outdoor fireplace.

Also, bioethanol fuel is used in the chemical and coatings industries.

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